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AS SEEN ON TV! (Watch any program, it’s the same).

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We cover up your “drunken” mistake, if we cannot we professionally suggest plasters, bandages or permanent markers.

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Suggestions? The internet is your friend! Bring it, we find it, we change it or we can “read your mind”.

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“If you owe me money, I am available for appointment and book when I am available. If I owe you money, I am dead”


Voted no.1 tattoo studio in Cape Town by our kids, mothers, fathers, significant others, family and friends (whose opinion apparently counts)

Our Staff are locally bred with imported seed, native to the indigenous Khoisan soil blown from the winds of the Cape of Storms, once voted the no.1 most popular place to visit in 1652 by Jan van Riebeek (V.O.C) , and they are well-travelled individuals (Home to work and back again mostly).







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  • Tat like a BOSS
  • Black Carbon nib colour designs
  • Includes ruler and rubber (for mistakes)
  • Low Low Price 

Tjappies - Fun Facts About Cape Town

  • Cape Town has the greatest Gatsby which no one has read
  • A vegetarian Gatsby is also known as a big chip roll
  • Cape Town has the biggest copper mine according to the local scrap yard
  • The most employed tooth fairies in the world usually collecting four teeth at a time
  • Zee snoek ( sea snoek) named by Dutch colonists who arrived in the Cape in 1652
  • The great Sierra/ Skyline debate were settled at ‘Indiana’ and ‘Pavi’ ( Strandfontein Pavilion) on a weekly basis in the late 80’s
  • Cape Town has the biggest one-legged pantyhose sales annually
  • Smokkie has nothing to do with meat or wood, derived from the word smokkel (smuggle) where one goes to get the adult beverages after hours
  • Local shellfish ‘walks’ straight into your freezer without you knowing about it
  • Everyone has abalone ashtrays from the ‘70’s’
  • Everyone is ‘aware’ (awe) when they greet each other.
  • You can actually see where the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean ‘touch cloth’
  • Our sharks jump (breach) out of the ocean to greet you.
  • You can spend a week in Cape Town one night
  • Our weather is like a four season pizza in a day


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