About Us

Situated in the rugged up market leafy suburb of Plumstead (next to an accredited medical practitioner for “sick notes”), surrounded by upscale pubs and restaurants (which is a definite leading cause to high blood / low blood pressure, diabetes, gout, sleepiness, insomnia etc., according to any spouse).


The atmosphere in the studio is what we want with an eclectic range of treffers, known as the “HOME OF YAADT” (with copies from an array of dee-jays and wanna be dee-jays), often wishing to be ‘’two places at the same time’’, as one of our staff was the original guy to take the broom and sweep the yard.

From the soft soothing “binne boud” jams to the hard biting the head off an innocent locust tunes with the occasional seasonal dependent jams from Boney M during Christmas, Jaloos Bokkie on National Braai Day to even that elusive Kat Stevens jams on those two special days in the year ;), to also catering to our own local African treffers.

In the evening there is a soothing atmospheric neon illumination which gives the studio an Amsterdam like nostalgia bringing a “fuzzy” feeling to oneself.


A:That's what happens when a needle goes into your skin. Our Staff are locally bred with imported seed, native to the indigenous Khoisan soil blown from the winds of the Cape of Storms, once voted the no.1 most popular place to visit in 1652 by Jan van Riebeek (V.O.C) , and they are well-travelled individuals (Home to work and back again mostly).

We once formed a vigilante superhero group called ‘The Pretenders’ but disbanded at the end of the game. None of ‘The Pretenders’ were billionaires (who could afford fancy gadgets)  or orphans or had any sort of super power but was rumoured to be able to stop a bullet at least once.

Medication dependent, at the right dose, between naps, we will give you service of value.

We once rated ourselves 4.8 stars (we think we overrated! ).

Armed with a highly equipped standard occasionally fully functional upgraded Windows 8 software programmed computer system with a very low speeded internet connection and refurbished dot matrix printer we can almost find any picture you found.

With customer satisfaction is occasionally guaranteed: So if beards offend you, we’ll make the bastard (Artist) shave :D (Labour laws pending)

If the artist likes you he/she will answer all questions in interpretive dance.

We also always almost have a lifeguard on duty so the chances of you drowning while getting tattooed is “very slim”.


And our equipment is also 100% real. We are registered and purchase from Local Accredited, Certified Suppliers who “says” they get their stuff from overseas, so we good :D.

All needles are new and single use, inks decanted and disposed after every tattoo.

Other Tattoo equipment are cold liquid sterilised and in-house autoclaved using Our Medical Grade Autoclave.

All products are gluten free with little to no count of lactose.



Competition giveaway/discount (wheel of fortune style) on Tattoo

SURPRISE!!! My “internet guy” wants you to come back to the website so the “prick” said I must do something.


Share and tag on social media platforms a picture from our Website Profile Picture Generator (WPPG), with something humorous (offensive is a disqualification), on a random day.

In an Austin Powers “spy-like” fashion, we will on an undisclosed day of the month, (usually 2nd day of the month) a winner will be announced.

If it is the same random picture on the same random day that we liked with something humorous (might be featured on our website, not promising), you will get a giveaway/discount on a tattoo with a ridiculous short period of time to claim (usually 10 working days) by the loser of rock, paper, scissors Tattoo Artist. The more you check the site and Share a pic the better your chances.

The competition will run for an undisclosed amount of time (12 months at least).

Also pop in at the studio and stand a chance to win an amazing “positive high five”.

T and C apply

But Seriously

Primal Culture established in 2007 by Clinton Naidoo who has been in the industry since the early 2000s who trained under various artists and studios, after 8 successful years from Wynberg, Cape Town the studio relocated to the suburb Plumstead, Cape Town 2017, the staff creates a family friendly environment with client comfort and hospitality our first priority.

The clients design and our influence is our main objective to achieve the most desirable results and the ability to adapt designs and a vision together.

We offer a transparent studio for comfort as well as a private booth for discretion.

pathogen controlled trained and uses a certified medical waste disposable company for all tattoo consumable waste an sharps according to strict local government legislation.

All tattooing equipment cold sterilised and autoclaved sterilised.

Single use needles and inks and disposed of responsibly.

Western Cape Government Environmental Affairs and Development Planning certified.